Tokyo Shuppan Machinery



Sensor to detect double and missing signatures TSK Caliper Sensor automatically records the thickness of initial signatures and detects any irregularities in the thickness of subsequent signatures.

TSK Fuzzycom Sensor gradually revises the stored image whenever slight variations in the signature occurs consistently.
When the accuracy of the image is not within a manually adjusted limit, the faulty signature is identified and a alarm clock is activated.
The machine is automatically shutdown when the number of faulty signature exceeds the number manually set.

TSK Caliper Sensor and Fuzzycom Sensor are combined into Twin Sensor for both signature recognition and signature thickness detection per installed station.

Equipment to measure the thickness of gathered signatures for a book and missing signatures.
By using the book sensor, the detection becomes more accurate and secure even if caliper sensors for each station cannot detect double and missing signatures.

A variety of digital sensors available.
Three digital sensors enable you to detect the thickness of even 1/1,000mm simultaneously with TSK's original and edged technology.