Tokyo Shuppan Machinery



By the state of the art machine tool, all TSK bookbinding machines have been produced exclusively at our plant.

In the up-to-date Tokyo Shuppan Machinery plant, the state-of-the-art machines mounted with accuracy computer that can control min. 0.001mm are developing and manufacturing various types of high-precision products.

We will promise high quality, positive delivery date of machines and low cost by the production system of two plants, one in Japan and another China.

All the machines have been controlled according to our thorough internal control by producing the machines exclusively at our plant.
This enables us to cope with any problem promptly.
Furthermore, manufacturing the machines in China plant at lower cost has become possible, depending on some applications.

Production facility
Fine vertical boring and milling machine 3
Cam copy milling machine 1
Automatic milling machine 2
Milling machine 3
Surface grinding machine 1
Interactive NC lathe 4
Lathe 6
Shaper 1
Radial drilling machine 2
Carbide tool polishing machine 1
Oxygen / electric welding 5
Turning component 1
Cut-off-machine 1
Machining center 2
Fine vertical boring and milling machine 2
Vertical spindle machining center 3
Horizontal spindle machining center 1

Production facility
Machining center 4
NC milling machine 5
General-purpose slicing machine 5
Copy milling machine 6
NC lathe 3
General-purpose lathe 5
Surface grinding machine 1
Shaper 1
Radial drilling machine 2
Shearing machine 1
Countour machine 1
Cut-off machine 1
Sawing machine 1
NC welding machine
Liquid oxygen facility
Tool grinding machine