Tokyo Shuppan Machinery



Flexible idea and creativity required for the environmental change of applying Information Technology to the society

New office. of our company has been constructed as the complete headquarters to supply the up-to-date technology to the bookbinding and printing industries according to the environmental change of appliing information Technology to the society in the 21st century.
To satisfy user services, in addition, we have established the research laboratory where the useas (customers) can be instructed and trained to allow them to operate a bookbinding machine when introducing it into their plant.

Company Outline

Company name Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Co.,Ltd.
CEO Masanobu Shinozaki
President Hideki Nakajima
Capital 29,400,000yen
Founding 1966 August
Establishment 1969 August
Location 4-1-9,Shirahata,Minami-Ku,Saitama-Shi,Saitama-Ken,336-0022,Japan
Business Outline Manufacturing & Sales of Book Binding, Equipment and related products, Manufacturing & Sales of various types of collation, Sensors and related products, Related all serrices,
Employees 80

Branch List

  • Machine laboratory

    Osaka Branch

    101-1-9-7,Nunoichi-cho,Higashi-Osaka-City,Osaka-Fu,579-8004 Japan

  • Shirakawa Plant


  • China Plant

    15 Majian Dadao,Kuaian Yanshengu,Fuzhou-Kaifagu,Fuzhou-City,Fujian,350015,China

The History Of Our Company

1966 August Teruo Shinozaki had founded "Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Manufacturing"
1969 August Renamed "Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Co., Ltd." Known as "TSK"
1973 September Shifted manufacturing base to Urawa-City now known as Saitama-City
1977 December Founded "Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Sales Co.,Ltd." specializing in sales division
1986 June Founded "Korea Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Co.,Ltd." Known for "Sunwon Dongchul
Co.,Ltd." in Seoul, Korea
1986 September Introduced Automatic High-Speed Adhesive Binding Machine, TM-SERIES
1988 April Built TSK Shirakawa Plant
1991 September 3rd tower in TSK Shirakawa Plant was constructed
1992 January Moriaki Shinozaki became the president of TSK
1992 January Teruo Shinozaki became the chairman of TSK
1992 February Started Osaka branch
1993 September Introduced Automatic Three-Knife Trimmer, TSA-3
1995 March All TSK products were re-specified according to product liability laws
1995 June Tokyo Shuppan Machinery Sales Co.,Ltd. merged TSK
1995 December Founded "TSK Corporation" for an international sales division
1995 December Masanobu Shinozaki became the president of TSK
1996 February Founded "TSK Fuzhou Topazprinting Machinery Co.,Ltd." in the People's Republic of China
1999 May Introduced CCD Camera Collation Sensor, SIVIS-SERIES
2001 April Constructed new TSK building
2001 September Introduced new High-Speed Rotary Gathering Machine, TRA-SERIES
2001 December Founded "TSK R&D Institute for Post Press Industry"
2002 January TSK Starts OEM supply to Beiren Printing Machinery (Beijing)
2008 July Introduced TTA SERIES Automatic High-Speed Gathering Machine coupled to Wrapping Machine.
2009 June Introduced Selective Random Gathering Machine System.
2012 January Sales of TM-SERIES Adhesive Binding Machine made by Fuzhou Topaz Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. totaled 200 lines in China.
2013 April Introduced new generation SIVIS-2 α CCD Camera Collation Sensor.
2017 July Masanobu Shinozaki was appointed as CEO.
2017 July Susumu Tateno was appointed as President.
2017 August Hideki Nakajima was appointed as Executive Director in charge of sales and marketing.
2017 August Toshiya Kondo was appointed as Executive Director in charge of manufacturing and CS.
2018 April Completed TTA-SERIES Automatic High-Speed Arm Gathering Machine with 68 stations.
2019 October Started supply of high-speed bookbinding line for China.
2020 September Hideki Nakajima was appointed as President.